Sunday, July 4, 2010

White Wine Cream Sauce

We went to The Refectory for our anniversary dinner. If you've been to The Refectory, you know that it was amazing in every way. If you haven't, put it on your list of places to eat. If you don't live in Columbus: Come here. Eat there.

The gluten free menu was almost as robust as the regular menu, and just as impressive. I had scallop pomponnette (a light and creamy scallop mousse in white wine cream sauce with leeks and tomatoes). That was followed by mussel soup. Now, I had thought for the past two years the the fennel soup at Handke's was the best soup imaginable. I was wrong. The mussel soup at The Refectory is a perfect blend of complex and simple, light and rich, and all that is good about life. Do I have to mention that it had a white wine cream base? For my main course, I had sauteed lake walleye. I'd never had walleye, and was pleasantly surprised with how light it was. The sauteed leeks, jasmine rice and white wine, butter, red pepper and sundried tomato cream sauce was divine. Finish that up with creme brulee, espresso, and a sample of the most amazing dessert wine and I was a a happy, happy lady. Ben had pretty much the same thing, except he had the rack of lamb. It looked fantastic, but had a bit of flour in the sauce, so I didn't try it. He raved about it, though.

The service, the atmosphere, the food: everything was perfect.

And the VERY BEST PART was that I got to share it all with Ben. I'm a happy, lucky lady.

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