Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cornbread and jam (I don't make the jam)

Ben: What'cha making?
Abbie: Cornbread.
Ben: You mean you're making a vehicle to eat your mom's strawberry jam.
Abbie: Yes.

I have always loved cornbread. Before going gluten free I always had a box of the Jiffy Cornbread Mix in my cupboard. I didn't know how easy and cheap it would be to make from scratch. Until I found this recipe at Gluten Free on a Shoestring (GFOAS). It is the epitome of cheap, easy baking.

This recipe has become a standard in my rotation. It has a coarse but tender crumb, has slightly crispy edges, and works in a square pan or as muffins. I often make muffins, reducing the cook time by 5 minutes or so. They are easy to transport and it's a little easier to have just 1 (or 2) muffins. I can cruise through a square pan in a couple of days. 

GFOAS offers some options in the recipe, and I've tried nearly all of them. My preferred variation is to use butter, plain yogurt (low or nonfat works fine), and honey. I like my cornbread a little less sweet (so I can load it up with homemade jam) so I only use 2-3T honey. 

I'm sure this cornbread would be delicious for stuffing at Thanskgiving, or with beans and rice this winter. But as long as my mom keeps making jam, I'll keep eating it on my cornbread.

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  1. hey abbie! really, mom's jam? it's good, but enjoy the original point of cornbread, butter and honey!! guess who!